Sine vs. Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Modified Sine Wave Inverters

The two types of inverter circuits, prevalent are the sine and modified sine wave inverters. Each has their own drawbacks and advantages due to their differences. All applications and simple systems without delicate electronics or even audio equipment can use modified sine wave inverters. The audio equipment averseness is because of the fact that they can pick up unwanted harmonics and thus have a consistent humming sound. Devices that are indifferent to these harmonics would be old cathode ray tube televisions and some motors with brushes. Digital clocks would not work soundly and act up in the presence of these harmonics and some battery chargers outright do not even work. Also, some devices might appear to work fine with modified sine wave inverters, but it must be understood that they will heat up and thus be inefficient than when it would be run on an equally powerful pure sine wave inverter instead. Their lifetime also takes a big hit with this inefficient power source as well.

Thus, one must be aware of these facts if they are considering saving a few units of currency and buying a modified sine wave inverter. A large list of modern applications wouldn’t even run with this modified waveform.  The reason for this poor performance is because of total harmonic distortion, which is way higher in the case of modified square wave inverters and so it runs hotter. It is also generally, thirty percent less efficient than a pure sine wave inverter as well. Their lifetime gets heavily impacted too and the buzzing sound produced by modified sine wave inverters is a serious buzzkill as well. Some fans and microwave ovens start buzzing in the presence of these power supplies too, unwantedly.

To further drive home the problem of using modified sine wave inverters, it can be visualised by an analogy. Using a modified sine wave inverter is akin to driving a car with square wheels It would be jumpy and bumpy and rather uncomfortable, but it does get the job of transporting you, done. Do notice that the life of the vehicle as a whole gets reduced and it is extremely inefficient riding around this kind of a car all day. A source sine wave inverter on the other had would be like driving a car with round wheels. Way more natural, and a lot more efficient and smooth. Also, to be noted is that if the occupant of the car is extremely sensitive and fragile, the square wheel car would outright kill them.

But remembering that if the job is to shake up and rattle something, maybe to train a human occupant for the army, then this uncomfortable situation could be desirable. To get your own set of rattling and discontinuous waveform power supply, it would be advisable to search for square wave inverters online India. These are cheaper than pure sine wave inverters and can pass for a decent power source in some crude applications with medium power requirements and hardy electronic devices. One must ensure to check for the best online square wave inverters however, to ensure that they do not get more problems than what is theoretically calculated, for modified sine wave inverters.


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