All around the globe, people are aware of the importance of education. Leaving aside just a few which still live in ignorance, many people know how vital education and learning is and understand that without education, one can never progress in every field of life. As science progressed, the education system was changed too. Students got to get the experience of practical learning and experimentation. Rather than memorizing a whole load of book, the students learnt in a way that developed their interest in the studies and not just that, they also got to learn.
In the present time educational system, the exposure is everything. People with exposure are said to proceed in life while those which do not have any exposure, do not. However, even when all of it has progressed, the majority students do go to educational institutes and majority of the students are left with no exposure. An educational institute, for sure, holds great importance because it builds up the student’s personality and the mindset of the student.


Running an educational institute, is a big responsibility. Education holds much more value than we can ever know. The real wealth that one can gain from this world, is the gain of education. The educational institutes also hold great importance and somehow, students who prefer to go to the educational institutes get more exposure than the students who go for private studies and learning. This is because such students interact with other students, sitting in one classroom, they get to know about the different ideas of the different students and get to learn about the different mentalities of the students. However, there are some drawbacks of MANY educational institutes. Talking about MANY, not all. Some are run by people who are experienced and know how to properly run an educational institute.

The biggest problem that students face is the staff. Students always prefer the institute which has more experienced staff. Moreover, the quality of an educational institute is highly dependent upon the authority of the institute, the authority which runs it. In many developing countries, the institutes are run by some experienced people who aren’t even much educated themselves, and there is no authority over them to check them mainly because in such areas of the world, education is given just a little to no importance. These authorities get their pays from the government and run the institute with a little or no interest, not caring about how it can affect the futures of the students and such students when apply for the universities, return without success because of their educational institute.

Another problem that is present in the institute is that mostly the students are confined to some books. They just memorize everything as they are told to without getting the concept. And again, when such students apply for the universities, and get the conceptual questions, return without any success. And who is to blame for that?

Plagiarism is also considered as one of the main problems in educational institutes. Universities and colleges which are using plagiarism detector are free from this issue. But problem comes in those schools where there is no check and balance on copied content.

Maintenance of the institutes is another very big responsibility and this is another factor which makes most institutes fall to lower levels. In many backward areas, where there is no more than one educational institute, the teachers might be trying their best, but because of poverty and because of poor maintenance, the education system is not proper. Students cannot afford the high priced books and no one is there to look at such institutes and help renovate them. The government should fix some amount for such schools and at least provide them with proper washrooms and books so that they can get the proper atmosphere of where they can learn and grow, because they have a right to learn as well, don’t they?

Another factor, which prevents the students to go to educational institutes is the highly, overpriced fees. Education itself is money, and this money is not attained by giving money in return rather, it is attained by hard work. All those students which want to learn, are stopped because of the overly priced schools and colleges which are not affordable. This is a problem in many developing countries and therefore, many people, who do want to send their kids, stop. The fees however, must be lowered to a pocket friendly amount, if not made free.


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