Hipaa Training Requirements 2018

Hipaa Training Requirements 2018

HIPAA, or better known to everyone as Health Insurance portability and accountability Act came into action in 1996 in United States of America. The law has two main points that it focuses on, to provide continuous health insurance coverage for workers who lose or change their job, and to reduce the administrative burdens and cost of healthcare by standardizing the electronic transmission of administrative and financial transactions.

Hipaa Training Requirements

Anybody working under the sector of healthcare and health related domains must be aware that Hipaa compliance training is an essential part of an effective compliance program. It is mandatory under hipaa regulation that the employee must undergo the annual employee training. The individual’s practice can be at stake if proper guidelines are not followed under the training! Compliancy Group aims to provide this training that is validated HIPAA CERTIFICATION session.

HIPAA 101 TRAINING: HIPAA 101 is the basics to understand the HIPAA law legally. The HR department keeps a check on the training program. To complete the requirement, Compliance group offers to help you for free of cost with the training program!

HIPAA POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: The employees are advised to read about HIPAA procedures and guidelines that are followed in the protocol. This is an important step if you want to safeguard your practice. HIPAA wants the policies and the regulations to be updated annually and the employers must be trained about them as well. Training the employees helps to build a office culture that respects the practice and understands the importance of compliances.

EMPLOYEE ATTESTATION: For validation of the training, along with the HIPAA CERTIFICATION session, the employers are also asked to attest the form that states they have undergone the HIPAA training and that they are well aware of the policies and guidelines. HIPAA requires saving the attested documents for minimum six years.


It is important to choose the right compliance for your employers HIPAA training that provides more than just training. It is very essential to make sure that the trainings are held annually where the employers attest the document that states their understanding about the training program is up to date. For instance, if the training takes place every Friday and a new employee joins on Tuesday, then the information presented to him would not be complete. To cover this flaw, it is mandatory for the company to conduct annual training sessions.


We at compliances group offer best solutions for HIPAA training that are required for data and practice safety. A lot of organisations would only concentrate on the training but compliances group take out the time to explain HIPAA holistically. HIPAA privacy policy is well updated and followed when you hire compliances group for you HIPAA related training. We aim to include everything in the training, policies and procedures, HIPAA 101 training and employee document attestation. We also indulge ourselves in security assessments and vendor management.


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