Some Common Things about Servicing of the VW Cars


Volkswagen commonly known as VW is one of the high-end automobiles available in the market. It was first launched by a German company during the era of 1930s as per the request made by the German leader Adolf Hitler. The word Volkswagen literally means ‘People’s car’. VW service is one of the essential things that should be done to ensure proper running of the vehicle.

Why Do You Need Servicing?

These cars need services at regular intervals for best results. The common things that are included in the VW service are as follows.


  • Oil change: With continuous usage and prolonged time the lubricating property of the engine begins to deteriorate. Dirt and foreign particles starts to accumulate which makes the oil change a mandatory item for running of the car. Usually, this service is required after the vehicle runs for about 4000-5000 miles. It is highly recommended since with time the oil changes to black tar like substance which does not allow the car to run properly.
  • Air filter change: Before the air enters the engine, it must be cleaned properly for removal of the dust, dirt, and debris. Air is mandatory for the fuel to burn properly and it provides the energy that is necessary for the car to start the engine. The engine gets worn out if dust or debris enters. It is mandatory to change the air filters at regular intervals for the engines to function properly and also for maintaining minimal usage of fuel.
  • Light inspection: This includes checking of all the lights including all the headlights, indicators, and the tail lights. The hazard lights, fog lights, brake and reserve lights and registration lights are also inspected properly. The lights must be changed if they fail the inspection. The lights must be in proper working condition for the vehicle to run on the road.
  • Bodywork inspection: This includes through checking of all the parts of the car. Any type of corrosion or damage is usually taken care in this service. They also check the bumper, door and window panels.
  • Battery checking: the battery is checked after the vehicle’s electrics are tested. During this time any kinds of leaks or damage are checked along with the wirings. Usually, the common warning that the battery throws is flashing of a warning light while driving. This usually occurs when the battery is not charged properly.
  • Coolant inspection: The level of the coolant should be monitored properly because if it decreases, the engine would get heated up to a large extent, which would, in turn, lead to the breakdown of the engine.
  • Braking system checking: The brakes are one of the most essential things that must be in proper condition for the vehicle to run. The amount, as well as the quality of the brake fluid, is initially checked to ensure proper running of the system. The pipes are also checked to ensure that the delivery of the fluid is swift and proper. These checks are mandatory to make sure that the vehicle maintains a safe distance while stopping.
  • Steering inspection: The steering and the suspension of the car are checked together. The oil level of the steering is also verified. The lock mechanism of the steering is also monitored to ensure that everything is in place in the vehicle.
  • Hoses inspection: The coolant hoses should be checked at regular intervals since they get destroyed easily due to contamination. They must be replaced when they are exposed continuously to hot engine oil.

Types of Services

There are usually 3 types of VW service available in different price ranges. They are as follow:

  • MOT test: It is usually the cheapest VW service available for the vehicles. MOT (Ministry of Transport) services are annual tests for the safety of the vehicle.
  • Minor service: Here are a few of the essential services that are performed on the vehicle.
  • Major Service: It includes complete servicing of the vehicle.

No matter which type of service you need, the thing which matters the most is that whether you are availing the services from an authorized service center or not. Always check the credentials of the servicing companies and then send your VW car for servicing.


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