Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin-D Supplements

Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin-D Supplements

Calcium and vitamin-D are one of the two very important nutrients which are required for healthy growth of bones and teeth.

Osteoporosis is a disease which especially takes place in the age groups of people above 40s because as a person ages, the bones of the person gets weak and fragile bone mass in their body gets reduced ,due to these problems, osteoporosis disease take pace.

By using vitamin-D rich- food and calcium rich- food we can strengthen our weak bones naturally, because these both play a major role in a good bone health.

IMPORTANCE OF VITAMIN-D- a naturally occurring vitamin when body exposed to sun light

Vitamin- D is also known as “sunshine vitamin” because we get this vitamin from the sunlight, our body automatically produces this vitamin when it is exposed to the sunlight, there are other plant supplements of vitamin-D.

This vitamin has various important functions in our body. It helps in facilitating absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

For growth of strong teeth and bones you should take enough amount of vitamin-D in your daily diet, because calcium plays a very important role in strong bones and teeth.

If in case our body do not get enough amount of vitamin-D in our body, then due to this lacking of vitamin-D in our body can lead in softening of bones which is also known as osteomalacia, and if our bones become fragile, fragile bone can cause osteoporosis.

Vitamin-D also helps to reduce the rate of heart diseases in a person, also helps to reduce depression in a person.

This vitamin also helps in boosting the weight loss. So if you want to lose your body weight then you should also include vitamin-d rich food in your daily diet. Top diet pills 2018 also help you for vitamin.

We can get this vitamin from sunlight, we should sit for 5-10 days daily to maintain vitamin-D in our body including these vitamin-D rich food e.g. salmon, egg yolk, milk, cereal, yogurt, orange juice

IMPORTANCE OF CALCIUM -make your bones and teeth strong with calcium

Calcium is also a very important vitamin which is also very much for development of bones in a person.

Calcium is also responsible for the development and maintaining of teeth in a person.

Best weight loss pills 2018 is also involved in various other body functions like it also helps in contraction of the muscles and transfer signals to the nerves.

We should include calcium rich food in our daily diet, consuming of milk, cheese, yogurt can help to maintain calcium level in the body.

Several green vegetables and other food also contain calcium in small amounts.

Some breakfast juices and foods, soymilk, cereals, snacks, bread, mineral bottle water also contain calcium that has been added in them, so whenever you open any bottle or container, before opening you should shake well.



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