7 Luxurious Beach Resorts Around the World for Romantic Getaway

7 Luxurious Beach Resorts

Let us all admit that when we travel, we always want to hit the beach. Some beaches are good, but there are better that others and it makes them luxurious. These beach resorts offer the architecture and amenities for a great weekend getaway.

From minimalist to grandeur styles, beach resorts will always provide relaxation, beauty of surroundings, and great adventure. Below are some of the best and luxurious beach resorts you can visit around the world:

Ocean House in Rhode Island

This luxury resort is overlooking to a white-sand beach. Ocean House was founded in 1868 and it has an iconic hilltop perch. The renovated resort has maintained its coastal vibe with flam factor. The guestrooms have mix pattern of chenille and linen. The 13 acre beach resort is the exact meaning of “summer”. The resort includes tournament-level croquet lawn, beach cabanas, shuffleboard court, and personalized towels and pillows that are made with colourful print.

J.K. Place in Italy

J.K. Place is located just above the Capri’s largest beach. It gives off an exclusive villa vibe. The residential-style beach resort has crisp white with blue accents. Marina Grande is where the guests can spend time hanging out with locals. The resort has stunning pool terrace and spa for bellinis.

Four Seasons Resort in Maldives

Mildives’ Four Seasons Resort has its own surfing school that offers lessons from beginners to experts. It has a three-deck catamaran that can actually bring the guests to the remote atolls in the area. When you book your vacation in August, you will be able to witness a week-long international surfing competition.

The Trident Hotel of Jamaica

If you want to visit Jamaica, then you can book your luxury room at Trident Hotel. It has 13 waterfront villas with infinity pool and a restaurant called Mike’s Supper Club, where it presents local musicians. Occasional celebrity guests also perform in the restaurant’s 1917 Ferrari-red grand piano. The hotel has grandeur rooms, sea-view terraces, and dollhouse-size chapel.

Kims Toowoon Beachside in Australia

Kims beach resort is just an hour drive from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is the best beach resort you can visit in Australia, offering a cluster of deluxe individual timber bungalows and spa villas right in the beach side. It is also located in a rainforest with Norfolk Island pines shade. Toowoon bay beach resort has 34 bungalows and villas. It has smart cocktail bar, massages on the premises, outdoor hot tubs, private pools, and great selection of food. Activities in the resort include paddle boarding, windsurfing, surfing, fishing trip, and golfing.

Pink Sands of the Bahamas

The 25-room hotel was already visited by celebrities such as Keith Richards, Martha Stewart, and Kate Moss. The lodgings are in one or two-room cottages. Each of the them are painted in a soft Caribbean shade, but the interiors have a Moroccan-Asian style.

Soneva Kiri in Thailand

Soneva Kiri is located in a white sandy beach and tropical rainforest in the Kood island of Thailand. The luxury resort staff will fetch the guests Bangkok airport and transfer them in Soneva Kiri via one-hour plane ride. The bamboo structure of the resort offers an auditorium, a library, an art room, a music room, and slide for the children. The children guests are immersed with Thai’s culture through books, lectures, music, and films. They can also pick some vegetables and cook them with a help from the resort’s chef.


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