5 Truck Stop Fueling Etiquettes to Know Before Investing in A Class A Motor Home

5 Truck Stop Fueling Etiquettes

So, you are planning to buy a giant luxury rig. Want to make your neighbors feel envious while driving your mansion-on-wheels, right? Like millions of RV buyers, you may find it difficult to decide which makes a better option  — a fresh model from a dealer’s lot or a used, yet well-maintained class A motor home for sale. It may take some time before you reach a decision. Meanwhile, educate yourself on a few necessary things about RV-ing. Why don’t you start by learning how to maneuver a Class A motor home at truck stops when cruising the principal highways of the United States – a fundamental yet often neglected aspect of taking a large vehicle to the road.  These filling stations are strategically located,  easily accessible from the leading interstates, and offer plenty of space for Class A models, making RV-ing a breeze for driving enthusiasts. On your part, you should be familiar with fueling etiquette to refrain from causing inconvenience to others. Read this guest post to learn about the dos and don’ts at these fuel stations.

1. Follow Lane Rules

used class a motor home

When you pull your motor home into one of the truck stops, a dispatcher may be present to tell you which lanes you must enter during busy weekends or festive season. Keep your patience, queue up and wait for your turn at the lane you were requested to follow. If you do not find a dispatcher, look for a vacant alley, fill your RV’s fuel tank, and let the next person the opportunity to fuel up his or her truck. Once you move into a specific lane, avoid switching to a different one. Doing so will block both. If you notice a long queue, wait patiently.

2. Park Your RV Strategically

Some luxury vehicles have tanks on both sides. You’ll have to park it at a strategic point so that both the nozzles are easily accessible. Fill up the tanks quickly by using both the pumps at the same time. It will save both your and other people’s time. Professional truckers will try to get in and out of the truck stops quickly; follow the rules to make it convenient for others

3. Clean the Windshield in Advance

While you are waiting to fuel your home on wheels, you can clean the windshield while there is still time. Do not start wiping it after you have filled the tank. Doing so will annoy the employees, who are responsible for maintaining smooth traffic flow at the truck stop.  Clean the windshield only and not your RV. Though most of the truck stops have air hose and water, you should not wash your Class A rig here.

4. Use Only Commercial Fleet Cards

Do not use your personal credit card at a truck stop. The truck pumps only accept fleet credit cards and not consumer credit cards. It implies that you’re expected to have an authorized card for refilling  your motor home’s tank faster.

5. Move Your Rig after Payment

Once you have filled your RV tank and cleared the payment, move your motor home out of the lanes, immediately. Park it in the parking zone. You can now take toilet breaks, go for some shopping, or grab a sandwich at a fast food joint close by.

A truck stop is an oasis on the American highways where you can refuel your vehicle. It also offers refreshments and technical assistance in the times of needs. Whether you choose to buy a used Class A motor home for sale or a brand new unit, learn the truck stop etiquettes, first. Be a polite customer. The attendants will appreciate your patience help you fuel your vehicle.


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