5 Cakes Types to Be Gifted On Birthday

5 Cakes Types to Be Gifted On Birthday

Birthday and event parties are incomplete without a wonderful and delicious cake which is ready to melt in to your mouth. You can find it from the online collection of the cake shop in Agra and get delivered directly to your home, within a few days. When you search for cakes, you will come across various varieties and innovative design of cakes at a very affordable price.

Cake delivery in Agra also takes just a few days to deliver your order at your doorstep. Here we are short listing few cakes for you that you can gift to your friends and family. They will surely be very happy and in pleasure to have such a cake.

  1. Chocolate Celebration Cake: High yellow with sponge cake, chocolate rice crisps and nougat layers, this cake is definitely looks like; it is celebrating the moment of joy.
  2. Black forest Cake: This delicious black forest cake is from the AgraGifts that bring this cake which is enriched with whipped creams in between the layers of chocolate sponge. This cake is topped with chocolate shavings and fresh delicious cream.
  3. Birthday Cake: This wonder and delicious cake is looking like a lovely heart packed for gifting to your friends and family. This cake is comes with many flavors. You can order your desired flavor of this cake which is a cream cake.
  4. Fruit Cake: This cake is prepared with the colorful topping of so many fruits with cream that brings the refreshment to your taste buds.
  5. Butter Scotch Cake: This cake is the yummiest and creamy cake on this planet which is universally loved by all. This cake is decorated with chocolate chips, cherry toppings and vanilla cream which looks like a wonderful flower.


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